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Links to videos, articles, podcasts etc. worth considering in your free time.

  • Feel the vigor for life and learning exhibited by a 104 year old Colombian Engineer in this short BBC Reel clip. Inspirational in so many ways from my perspective. Click Here

  • Being alone is not something many of us look forward to, many of us actively avoid it. But are there benefits to being alone? I personally think so. I recently learned of the "super solo" culture increasing in Japan from a BBC WORK LIFE article. Click Here

  • A great video that addresses our incompetence and lack of self-scrutiny. Click Here

  • An animated video of Educationist Ken Robinson's Ted Talk addressing the need to bring change in our education systems the world over. Perhaps the reason so many of us are incompetent, and don't realize it, is because our education systems don't serve us well when it comes to instilling rational within us nor an appreciation for learning beyond one's years spent within educational institutions. They're certainly effective in making us obedient and adept at following instructions through which we can earn a living. Click Here


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