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Updated: Nov 15, 2020

A short list of podcasts, information, links- worth your time.

"Amy Fowler" from the Big Bang theory talks to Steven D. Levitt. A conversation that covers all things from her career as a child actor to her degree in Neuroscience. They discuss education as well as her experience with Hollywood culture and mental health.

A Reincarnate Rinpoche living in modern Britain and working to keep the traditions, knowledge of Tibetan Buddhism intact and alive. A man learning to live life and uphold scared responsibilities.

Doughnut Economics, yummy? Kate Raworth had an idea for world economics to be geared more towards human betterment and not centered on GDP and its unsustainable demand for constant growth. Listen to what she's learned and discovered on presenting her idea as a practical model with empirical evidence.

Lastly, this article on "Boys State." Watch the documentary on youtube. Political dogma instilled into malleable, impressionable youth at such a young age - not surprising but very concerning wouldn't you agree?


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