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When do opinions matter?

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

My approach to fine tuning the noise around me - useful for mental clarity and decluttering.

When you're at the Dentist's their examination of your physical state pertaining to you teeth and the subsequent opinions expressed in relation are opinions that matter. Similarly, taking your vehicle to the auto mechanic and listening to their opinion on the state of your vehicle helps you make better decisions. In any of these cases, a second consultation is always recommended though many may not find it necessary. Key word, consultation; you are paying for and getting a professionals' advice, opinion.

To listen to someone who wants to express their opinion on news article/s that are only serving to garner viewership is something I find very, very draining. As individuals we are always forming opinions. Its an innate part of us perhaps and seems necessary for self-observation and growth. But do we catch ourselves and consider to ourselves that we do not know enough to opine? Not often enough if ever, in my experience. Many times when we think we're listening we're only fiddling with rebuttals and remarks in our minds. To be open minded requires us to be attentive to not only what a speaker or author is trying to convey but also of the chatter in our own minds. Scrutiny is required in both cases. Mindfulness is certainly applicable.

So, I don't waste other peoples time with my opinions unless they ask for it- or at least try hard not to, and I try not to waste my time by engaging people in ways that encourages them to express their ill conceived thoughts and opinions. That's not to say that I don't reach out to family, friends, colleagues who's opinions I value. Thank you for reading my opinion by choice.

Listen to this professional's advice, Celeste Headlee is an award-winning journalist, professional speaker and best-selling author. If we all head her words we'd be learning to be more open minded and compassionate, in my opinion.

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