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The "theoretical life" you live it?

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

The words/advice that elders, friends, strangers, celebrities bestow upon you- they can be deemed theories, presented to you based on the little/all that the elder-person knows/has experienced. We don't and never will stand equal in our share of experiences their own relative reality base don what they may and may not know, be aware, ignorant of.

So, essentially we all live the "theoretical life" in that we follow one or a set of one or more theories i.e. advice, philosophy, wise words etc. in form of religion, habits-virtues learned form religious teachings, preachings, or equally so from successful people- celebrities, investors, entrepreneurs etc.

The difference is only whether we acknowledge, implement said theory in a dogmatic manner (blind faith and obedience) or whether we scrutinize and apply the fundamentals of the scientific method in actually evaluating said theory before accepting or dismissing it- no?

This was just a conversation I had with a cousin which stemmed from him asking me, "are you gonna live a theoretical life?" To which I replied, "any theory can be experimented with, implemented, applied and tested- no? Evidence is accumulated based on outcomes, data points achieved from implementation, adoption of said theory and thus the degree of concreteness of the theory is evaluated, determined- at least to my understanding."

It would serve us all better to be more scrutinizing, observant, attentive, critical towards self and then apply the same scrutiny to others. Being conscious of your pattern of thoughts and habits entails knowing yourself in terms of personality, character, mindset, strengths and weaknesses. We all have the ability to expand our horizons in-terms of knowledge and experience we have accumulated been receptive of, especially in this ever increasingly highly technological, digital internet age.

"In my whole life, I have known no wise people who didn't read all the time- NONE, zero." - Charlie Munger

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