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The species that doesn't realize its own destructive nature and potential-

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

That would be you, me and us all. Homo Sapiens.#Humans.

One thing that education systems around the world fail to do is produce rational thinkers. We simply gauge aptitude based on ability of an individual to regurgitate learned information. How good of a parrot can we be, our measure of smartness. We only choose to engage in learning limited to only that which is laid forth before us on a table- monkeys inclined to convenience.

If you are aware of the happenings around the world you would realize the world is in a state of retrograde. From the resurgence of nationalism, fascism, hate to economic policies that benefit the people but just the rich, well off people. We live in a time HIGHLY driven by Science but we cling to ancient ideals, philosophies conjured by individuals who have no certification; yet, we live in comfort using our tablets, smartphones, 4k tvs etc. All possible through science. I pity the fool. Humanity is in a state of retrograde the world over and if you don’t realize this you are part of the reason it is so.

Blissful ignorance, inaction, mindlessness, self obsession, material obsession, consumerism, obsession with luxuries, gluttony, irrationality all are exceedingly, increasingly prevalent in the world. Ignorance is accepted and is rising exponentially. We must combat this with our every efforts. I ask you to show concern for things that extend beyond you. Even individuals with degrees- the so called educated of society fail to realize their short comings choosing only to engage in acts of inflating their ego and gaining acceptance from other liked minded ignorant individuals.

Please make an effort to engage in self-study, to better understand what is to be human, to concern yourself with things that extend beyond you for your sake as well as for the sake of Humanity and the remaining species that exist on this rock we all call home. Be concerned with the fallacies that fill our mind more than the number of followers and likes you gain on social media.

I beg and plead.

We specialize in coming up with a million and one excuses to cling to our ill founded conventions and convictions. Look at the world with an eye not tied to the self- your name, ego, but with scrutiny of a neutral observer passionate about learning and driving change for the betterment of self and all.

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