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Parents yet to be (and those who already are)...

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

Did, do you ever care to consider whether you are suitable to be a parent? We all have the capacity to ejaculate, consummate, conceive but does that mean all of us have the mental capacity, personality, patience, virtue, ability to raise a child of our own.

In labour image, husband and pregnant wife
Expecting a baby.

To raise a creature of any species is a big deal, you're taking up responsibility for a living being. Perhaps consider learning to take care of plant first, not a cactus but a proper flowering plant or an indoor green plant. Personally, I say get a dog first if you're considering having a baby. Get a puppy see if you have the patience to raise a creature that is not of your own kind. Gauge how your patience is tested, learn how much time and attention it requires to raise any creature regardless of species. There is much time and energy that is spent in raising a child, it is not a simple task by any means; but, when observe the world around me I see lack of genuine self assessment before people choose to have a child. Parents' choose to consummate and produce a child and then look at that child as a burden. This boggles my mind.

Even taking care of other creatures, pets takes much effort. People seem to fail to realize the degree of responsibility they are putting on their shoulders. I see individuals who don't have the capacity to make time for themselves, who are negligent towards their own well being but they own dogs or other pets. Just because you have a job- some sense of financial security and the capacity to walk on two feet doesn't mean you are fit to be a father, mother to any creature. This obsession of ownership over any creature is another aggravating and highly prevalent malpractice spread across societies in the globe.

Cats and a dog, the standard pets owned by most humans
Dogs and Cats the traditional pets

Be a bit more thoughtful, more considerate when making major decisions of taking responsibility over/of any creatures life. Let us be less selfish and self-centered. I beg and plead.

Learning about how to raise a child through resources such as books, videos etc. may give you some degree of knowledge of how to raise a child but the practical experience of raising a child is very different. Many people fail to realize this, they tend to think because the world around has managed just fine popping out babies left and right they can too. Only to realize later that its not as easy as they thought it to be, or rather more complex than they thought it to be.

Go volunteer at a PRE-K, infant care center or work in an environment with kids. Make an effort to immerse yourself into such an environment. See if you have the patience to deal with an unruly child, a child that has difficulty learning and so on. Practically learn what it takes to deal with children, the vast amount of dedication, patience and energy required to deal with them. Individuals who invest no time in learning about themselves, what their weaknesses/strengths are, people who lack financial management as well as time management skills jump into parenthood without proper consideration of all associated factors. This is a sad reality. Many individuals in our society jump from one thing to the next simply because of societal pressures, factors. I plead, if you're considering to raise a child, to first get to know, understand yourself. Realize you choosing to bring another life form in this world is a very very very big responsibility that requires an immense degree of dedication on your end that extends far beyond simply providing food and shelter.

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