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On Being a Loner - my perspective

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

Usually the word loner is something we associate with - recluse, hermit, weirdo etc. Generally speaking there seems to be a negative connotation associated with the word. My question, is that a fair assessment or an asinine, ignorant opinion much like all other famous, infamous and similar human utterances tend to be?

Being a loner doesn’t necessitate that the individual doesn’t part take in societal activities, despises social interaction and perhaps feels that every form of human existence is a scum of the earth. Perhaps some do feel this way and I don’t blame them. Please bare in mind I do consider myself to be human.


However, for me I see being a loner as an individual who values their time as they realize that time is the most valuable entity they, us all, poses. It’s a illusionary entity in that time itself is a relative concept, but thats a topic we’ll save for later. Somebody who chooses to spend time doing things they value, any who attentively afford their time selectively to other individuals, an individual that cherishes time alone to themselves to reflect upon their experiences- after all, existence seems to be a fortunate chance to experience and observe- why must they be judged and gazed upon as outcasts?

Being alone affords you the ability to truly understand yourself and in turn the happenings of the world around you. It is an opportunity to harness awareness of multiple dimensions, where dimensions refers to the self, a task at hand, a conversation, society, the environment, the world and all in all the universe [to its observable extent] around you. In saying so I don’t mean that you are the center of the universe is the realization, but rather far from it.

Human history has a notable list of famous loners, been and gone, from Buddha to Einstein. Let us learn from them and not judge them. If we are attentive to their words, we listen to their utterances we gain a perspective, a highly knowledgeable perspective. Their level of awareness of not only self but their environment makes them, in my view, astute observers from whom we can learn invaluable things. We would all benefit in striving to become astute, skeptical, analytical observers much like them.

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