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Jack of all trades master of none- so what!??

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

The attitude you should carry if you are classified as such- following social norm or conformity without critical thought experiments isn't always right.

I choose to learn

Not sit on a chair and earn

If I work it'll be in the company I run.


My interests are deeply woven and Intricately spun, like a spider's web

You'll witness a masterpiece when I am done.

For now,

Y'all just keep having fun.

If you have a confident attitude you can achieve anything, sounds easy but it really isn't- as they say easier said then done. Humans in recent times have become more and more creatures inclined to convenience where even our daily decision making skills basically boil down to a factor of self-comfort more than anything- our thought processes are based on this behavior.

The key is to realize success, however you define it, comes to those who consistently perceiver to achieve their goals, visions, ideals etc. So give in to your passions and follow the path even if it means financial uncertainty- there are many skills that pay off in the long run but initially one has to hone their craft through practice and simultaneously implement what is being learned. All of us may not be cut out for this path- it is a risk, of course. What isn't?

But conformity has never left space for creativity to the extent of my understanding so stand up on your own feet if necessary- sometimes we all don't get the encouragement we hope for or the financial support so one must build form the bottom up, per say. I feel there is great opportunity to become a humble observer and provider on this path but one must be consistent and persistent in ones efforts.

Chase your aspirations and inspirations not money if you're going to chase anything at all.

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