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Hey, you know what those caramel peanut cookies are?

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

A co-worker asked thinking I am of Mexican descent ["he brown my dude wha-dya-expect"] and eventually we found out she was talking about De La Rosa Marzipan Peanut Candy.

A quick google search will give you a visual- they're good to snack on; but to continue, in the same work space a senior supervisor walks by infrequently, always uttering "hola." Sometimes I respond sometimes I don't- reciprocity at its finest some would say. Then there are those who take me to be Indian- sometimes Middle Eastern, usually dependent on their mood I'd say. I am a Nepali national living abroad whose legal national identity is about to change- in a few days.

Now in hearing all this I've realized my "identity"- my legal, fantasy, social, relational etc. all encompassing identity- really doesn't matter. This includes my Nationality- digital and paper format "legal" identity. Back in middle school I was chubby when I entered but as the years went by I got skinner. I recall a friend saying "tan dublasi bhandai ma- we aren't going to stop calling you mote." The dude's high sense of logic blew my mind, still does.

All in all, its a sense of release from one part of the ego- the best I can describe it. Ego still lingers but my horizons are far broader than they were before, the realization is introspective in nature- in other words I am more open minded today then I was back in High School with a semi-good sense of Nationalistic identity and pride, now it all seems pointless in my perspective. Why? Humans only exist on the face of the earth, nations are arbitrary creations.

Nationalism, and Fascism, as well demand a another focused write up so off to contemplating a draft because its a topic that demands scrutiny from us all if it is to be clearly understood and debated.

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