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Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Ignorance, lack of awareness, lack of concern have been ever present in Human society throughout the ages, a quick glance at history would prove so. Rampant ignorance on a multitude of subjects, topics issues from humanities to politics ever prevalent throughout “civilization.” In establishing this concept of as a platform of collaboration between individuals with careers, interests and hobbies in varying fields and subjects, the effort is to make the general populous more aware, conscious, knowledgeable in a manner that is appealing rather than enforcing through jointly producing material on a multitude of subjects, issues, topics et al. The motive is to make citizens of the globe- who are capable of reaching well thought out decisions, independently with the capacity to think critically and compassionately- to push for cohesive, globally, mutually beneficial change. Change in education, thinking, policies of law and finance etc.

The commonalities in happiness and sadness alike that reside within the human civilization, the frustrations that lay unspoken, the emotions that are spilled over, the difficulties and enjoyments of life are all relatively the same and lay untouched, largely unaddressed in mass media- which these days is driven by monetary incentives. Even institutions of fundamental education are built and driven on the incentives of raking in profit. Such institutions can be found on most and all surfaces of the earth where some form of religious dogma- which supposedly is the guide to human morals, ethics and virtues, is prevalent.

Such subjects need to be addressed. Any individual or any institution that simply functions on motives of material and financial gain can never be good, do good for civilization. Again, history serves well to teach us, show us many examples of human commonalities. Science is the study of us, regardless of where we stand on the surface of this earth, and all things around us including the larger universe. Hence, to understand oneself one must give attention to, value and understand the significance of science. Science is not just a subject but rather a method of thinking.

We live in an age of rampant misinformation on a large scale, it is a self evident fact. Global politics stand to be affected by this information as much as the human psyche. Misinformation has always been omnipresent as well as ignorance, propaganda, lack of empathy, lack of compassion et al. Ingrained in human behavior is the primal habit where one competitor seeks to outwit the other by hook or by crook. Monkey man behavior, is how its best described in my view. History itself is a skewed, bias view of the world offered to the viewer by those who stood as victors, rulers, kings, conquerors. Many of us fail to realize this fact or take it into consideration. Information has become very accessible, easily publishable in today’s highly technological world with millions able to gain instant access through their tech devices. Many of us lack the skills to differentiate fact from opinions as well as the ability to scrutinize ill informed perspectives of others.

These skills are vital to have in this age of widespread misinformation. Schools, if they happen to teach it, rarely effectively teach us to scrutinize information and its source no matter who or what the source and how credible it might be. In societies where the hierarchy of age is enforced the words of elders can’t be questioned, they are supposedly all knowing. This is the type of pedagogy popular in society, we need to change this. Even a one year old infant has the capacity to teach us something if we are observant enough.

In summary, the objective of the blog is to raise awareness, questions, arouse thoughts and inform the general populous- all those who can read and understand English for now. Address a variety of important topics as sampled above. We need as many sources as possibles to counter the wave of misinformation hence an opportunity to help change the world, to spread factual information and contribute for the betterment of humanity through the promotion of knowledge is a good opportunity for any and all to engage in. It can all be done through your phone from the comfort of your home. Though I encourage you to avoid comfort in all aspects of life, as like with anything else we tend to become numb to it and its effects. But more on that on another post.

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