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Growth not Stagnation.

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

“Papa” or “mam” in baby Nepali-lingo conveys to the adult “ my child wants food.” The baby of course has been taught to recite said word in the typically cute fashion that is globally prevalent, penetrating across all cultural boundaries.

Its primal hunger signals are triggered in the typical biochemical manner, in turn triggering electric impulses which pass the message onwards to the brain; which processes and sends the adult programmed, associated, instruction towards the mouth. Through electric impulses again, the vocal chords vibrate- magically, and ever so cutely the baby utters “mam,” adored by all there to take in the spectacle- all of this happens relatively fast of course but the "aww"' 's can be of a [social] situation-ally dependent variety of ways e.g. if it's the boss's kid it'll be a long extended one.

As a grown adult, well-aged, with out without children, shouldn't we be past this nascent phase of our mind. Observing the current environment, dynamics, surroundings, behaviors of observable human adults- one is inclined to think not so much advance than people care to realize. When your mental capacity equates only to take instructions, process them and regurgitate- perhaps repeat its safe to say the baby is equally capable of doing things you can. No?

Scriptures, lectures, talks associated with religion, spirtuality, psychology, philosophy etc. all have emphasized on the need to build one self up to the capacity where they observe themselves, learn about themselves, be aware of not only the environment around them but inward reflection. They all state it in their sometimes imaginative, relatively factual, introspective, thoughtful, analytical, skeptical ways. Its just that many of us still- considering this knowledge has been passed on for thousands of years, fail to see words for what they truely mean, the value they carry and importantly their true intent.

Our perceptions are clouded by many factors, call them spectacles with a tint, dirt whatever floats your boat. We must realize what these factors are through the simple task of observation. Mindful- hate using the word but best conveyed, awareness is all it takes to realize and then effort and action to take of that spectacle to get a clearer view of the world around you. Build a mental capacity to do so. Learn. Grow. Do Not Stagnate in any way what so ever. Be flexible and not rigged. Learn to be adaptive, as those are the only ones truly learn to survive- to exist. Don't live such a clouded existence I humbly request you.

I suggest meditation, it is a practice that need not be associated with religion or spirituality. It is a realm on its own that we all would benefit from learning about and implementing in our everyday lives- every moment. Timothy Leary also has a suggestion "Turn on, Tune in, Drop Out." To bad his words like those of many others in the past and today have been misconstrued, misunderstood, slandered and at times even silenced. It took away many possibilities and made them less probable in circumstance but not improbable.

PSA watch Dying to Know and Oliver Stone's Untold History of America. Netflix can be as useful and of utility as reading a book, its just up to you to make those decisions to make it so. haha.

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