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As self serving as we tend to be, how can we adopt selfless action?

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

As self serving as we tend to be, how can we adopt selfless action as a motive in life? Is there any reason to be selfless, when most of society seems to be fueled by this mindless desire to consume material goods with intent of displaying them in hopes of adornment, acknowledgement, acceptance and perhaps envy from a few like minded creatures from their societal bubble~ on a larger scale the global society consists of 7.8 billion of us.

In my humble opinion, if you can understand the definition of

H U M A N I T Y, the depth of its significance and can sense the oneness it represents- overshadowing all philosophies of past and present, all ideas- it should make you realize, without a shadow of a doubt that in this short lived life of ours there is no greater purpose than to uphold selfless action. This is my conclusion based on my experiences and knowledge.

We all have our drives, motives, intentions etc. and in sharing mine I've realized I find bliss and meaning, of some sort, in helping others; a seemingly fulfilling, purposeful intentional action best fit for this minuscule moment of existence is how I can best describe it. This is what I choose, knowing the little that I know, as my ambition and drive for existence. I strive to make a difference even if its significance may be minuscule and the benefits of which may not be realized in my lifetime.

This form of existence is adopted by numerous individuals in our surroundings but we need more to come to a realization and adopt this sense of community, cohesion- we are human beings this is our core strength, to unite in numbers and cohesively bloom- we mustn’t enlarge our egos with our numerous identities and get entangled in their differences but rather appreciate the uniqueness in all aspects and realize we are inhabitants, cohabitants of one strange rock that we have labeled Earth- we all exist on the same surface in the known universe as humans. A species that has coincidentally thrived on earth and has the capability and capacity to understand itself, its surroundings and all else within and round it- an under valued and under appreciated ability present in us all.

The benefits of selfless action has been common, shared knowledge since thousands of years of human history. Many of us claim to be devote devotees of these philosophies which mention and promote such action. I am speaking of religion.

Here are a few sources that have influenced my thoughts and opinions on this matter:

Books: The Gift - Marcel Mauss || Homo-Sapien - Yuval Noah Harari

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